Investment Management

We have solutions specifically designed for international clientele; 
providing customizable money–management combinations, including:
Assistance in the investment policy development - or review of your current plan to ensure your portfolio is aligned with your risk profile and your goals and objectives.
Assistance with portfolio construction, including, asset allocation plan development, manager selection, vehicle structures, and in-house portfolio management.
Risk management approach of discipline, patience, and level- headedness.
Implementation of the investment plan with a continuous and close monitoring of your portfolio.
Consolidation of financial information and reporting of your portfolios held in different banks to allow proper measurement of portfolio returns by bank, manager, asset type, etc.
Relationship management with other service providers. (i.e. banks, portfolio managers, investment funds, trustees, custodians, etc.)
Cost control audits and negotiation and monitoring of your asset management costs. (transaction costs, administrative, custodial, “hidden” costs, etc.)
Planning to ensure liquidity for your family’s expenses, planned distributions, investments in private assets, liabilities and other specific needs.
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