About us

For many years Oracle Capital Advisors has been serving international high net worth families, individuals and institutions with personal and exclusive private banking type of services. In order to do so, we have assembled a team of first-rate specialists and network of dedicated service providers, allowing us to take care of all your needs in house.

We are a boutique institution with a broad range of licenses and services that enable us to provide you flexible, customizable solutions. We pride ourselves on being nimble and evolving as opposed to our bloated competitors who are too often rigid and encumbered with bureaucracy and expenses.

How does Oracle Capital Advisors set itself apart from the rest?

Most of the major global banks have a presence in the Bahamas, but Oracle Capital Advisors is unique in that by design and totally Bahamian based. This 100% domestic presence means that there are no outside jurisdictional issues pressing on Oracle Capital Advisors. Clients continue to trust us with their assets for some of the following reasons:
  • All client assets are segregated: All assets on Oracle Capital Advisors’ books are ‘pass-through’ on a one-for-one basis and are treated by auditors and regulators as client assets, not company’s assets. Assets held in custody at Oracle Capital Advisors do not become assets or liabilities of Oracle Capital Advisors and are segregated from company’s assets. Ownership in the assets remains vested in the individuals or entities for whose benefit Oracle Capital Advisors is acting and the assets are not subject to the claims of creditors or the like.

  • Unparalleled service: Compared to the typical financial institutions, Oracle Capital Advisors is bespoke. There is a much higher level of contact and service – always with an eye towards helping you protect and grow your assets. You will have access to portfolios and specialized structures designed for an international clientele with complex needs. You also benefit from a host of our service offering; estate planning, corporate services, wealth management and the like.
Suite 205A, Saffrey Square, Bank Lane & Bay Street P.O. Box N-9934, Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas