What are the documents, which I need to present for due diligence?

One of the main advantage of Bahamas Fund is simplified requirements on KYC/Due Diligence . You need to present 2 reference letters, passport copy, proof of address and CV.

What is the approximate time frame for setting up a fund?

Time frame for setting up:

  1. Professional Fund – about 12 working days
  2. Smart Fund – about 8 working days

How is fund management and administration carried out?

Fund management and administration are carried out by our representative office in Bahamas which is regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. If you would like to set up management company for the fund (registered as Bahamas International Business Company) we can offer you the price of $1,500 for registration. You will also need to appoint a director which is $5,000 pa.

Administration includes maintenance of the fund in accordance with Bahamas laws, interaction with the regulatory bodies, preparation of the financial statements of the fund, calculation of Net Asset Value, provision of registered office, interaction and coordination of directors, corporate secretaries and agents of the fund, the maintenance of all registers required by legislation. Fix price for the fund administration is $25,000 pa. License, government registration and domicile fee are included in formation cost and will be $2,750 pa starting from the 2nd year.

Why is Bahamas an attractive jurisdiction?

Bahamas are well known as one of the biggest banking jurisdictions. Over 400 banks are operate in Bahamas. As in other big financial centers, there are a lot of lawyers, accountants and other specialists working for maintaining all the aspects of financial services. The Bahamas has achieved a finely tuned regulatory regime that provides confidence in the quality of supervision while ensuring that the demands of the investment community can be met. Modern financial infrastructure, political stability, long time talent pool commitment, location and cost of doing business also make Bahamas an attractive jurisdiction.

What is the price of the product?

Price to set up Professional Fund is $30,000. It includes formation, license, government registration and domicile fees. Price to set up SMART Fund is $25,000.

Why should I buy this product through you?

Our company has positive experience of setting up Investment funds in this jurisdiction. Combination of reliability of jurisdiction, optimal price for setting up the fund, control over the fund, beneficial tax regime, as well as the fact the fund are established by our representative office in Bahamas provide a guarantee of quality, ease of operation, administration and development of the fund as an investment vehicle.

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