The Bahamas is recognised the largest international banking jurisdiction. There are more than 400 banks and a large number of investment funds. As a major financial centre, The Bahamas has an infrastructure of lawyers, accountants and other relevant professionals who specialise in supporting all aspects of international financial services.

Our company has a good track record in establishing funds in this jurisdiction. We can provide nominal directors and shareholders for our clients’ funds, taking advantage of the simplified requirements for KYC (know your customer) and other compliance procedures. Funds established in The Bahamas also have the advantage of multifunctional usage. The Fund can invest in standard products such as stocks and bonds, invest directly in commercial projects or indirectly through Private Equity, as well as investing in vintage wine or art.

There are two principal non-public funds – Professional fund and SMART fund .

Professional Fund

This fund is for an unlimited number of high net worth clients who prefer a multifunctional vehicle suitable for a range of commercial activities. The fund is audited annually.

Smart Fund

Up to 10 investors can participate in this fund with no limit on the amount invested. The fund is not audited.